Here you will meet some of our rescues and pets aka our fuzzy family! 

 This is Chipper our Green Cheek conure. Chipper came to me pink and featherless at only a week old. His mother rejected him and kept kicking him out of the nest. The family he came from was not prepared to hand raise a baby bird so they got ahold of me and he's been here ever since. Even though I am the one who raised him he has a foundness for men and he may be as she....

This is Pocket she is one of our five southern flying squirrels, all of which have come to me from wonderful homes who could no longer care for them. We have Pixi, Trixi, Pocket, Berry & Valentino.  

 This is Delight, she is a melanistic geoffroys cat. Geoffroys cats are a small exotic feline from south america. Currently threatend in their native habitat due to poaching for the fur trade. The non melanistic color phase offers a rich golden to steel gray coat with small black spots. Very beautiful animal. Delight was purchased from a breeder in TX when she was 8mo old and this year she should be getting a mate to further her bloodline in the U.S. She is one of the last producing cats out of her bloodline so she has very valuble genetics that will produce some beautiful healthy kittens in the near future.  

 This is Sevrign. Sevrign is an African Serval cat. He is native to the savannahs of Africa but was captive born and bred in the U.S. Sevrign weighs around 35-40lbs and is a big healthy boy. He came from a friend of mine that could no longer care for him so he is living out the rest of his life here as part of our fuzzy family. He should be introduced to a mate later this year and if all goes well we should have kittens next spring. He is a sweet timid boy and is swiftly stealing my heart.

 This is Misha he is an F4 male bengal. Misha has come to keep Delight company until we can get her another geoffroys cat mate. He came all the way from FL!! Man it was a long flight. It took him almost 24 hours to get here. His lovely former owner sent him to us in trade for a kitten back if him and Delight ever produce offspring. He is a beautiful boy with a very sweet personality and is a beautiful example of the bengal breed. Bengal cats are a mix between a domestic cat and an asian leopard cat. This boy is a wonderful addition to our program and we are thrilled to have him!

 This is Kodi, she is a coatimundi! Coatimundis are a relative of the raccoon their native habitat spans from south america into parts of TX and AZ. They are larger animals. Around 10-15lbs and can be stinkers at times! Kodi was a rescue I took in from all the way in California where she was being illegally kept. She has a wonderful home now where she is loved dearly and not in danger of being put down by the state.

 This is Blue our Amstaff mix dog, he was born out of a litter of 11 puppies! Unfortunately only 5 of those pups survived and he was the runt of the litter! He is not so small now, but he will still try and crawl up on your lap if he's given half a chance to do so.

 This is our biological son Connor James.

This is my wonderful companion James and myself Kiki taking a small vacation in Victoria BC last year before our son was born.  

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